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Europalia India 2013

Instructor Kiran Katara
With Serge Delire, Nikita Itenberg, Manuel León & Milosz Martyniak

Europalia is a biennial exposition that occurs in Brussels and offers an insight on a particular culture through various means. We were a group of six students to be asked by the curator to do the architecture part of the 2013 exposition which was about India. Rather than working on a contemporary Indian architecture firm, we thought it was more interesting to work on traditional Indian architecture; the Hindu temple. The Meenakshi Sundareshvara temple in Madurai or as they say it “the most Hindu of all Hindu temples” was the most interesting choice.

Architecture being only a section of the exposition, we had the opportunity to learn about the meaning of the Indian religious architecture and what it represents. Our work consisted on a large section model and three presentation panels.