grou serra architecture

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Light renovation project with reassignment of a first floor formerly used as office space to convert it into housing. The workshop at the back remains in the same condition and is not affected.

A Patio is opened in the existing roof to bring light inside, into the new bedroom and living space. The patio will be in permeable soil with light planting.

The existing south facade is also open with an existing roof overlay on a new steel cornice - the existing structure is a mix of steel and wood structure. The existing domes will be removed and the roof raked for better architectural cohesion of the space. They will also be obsolete with the new patio and south facade bays.

The project is composed as follows; an office on the north side, street side, with an independent entrance on the common entrance hall. Between the office and the bedroom there is a large bathroom accessible from both sides. The bedroom opens on one side to the new patio and on the other side to the bathroom. The rest of the plan is an open plan with a single large living area that opens onto the patio on the north side and the garden on the south side.