grou serra architecture

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WAUM 2015
2015.Santiago de Chile

Instructors Sebastian Cifuentes (U. Mayor) & Riyad Joucka (Architectural Association)
Collaboration with Universidad Mayor. Participants Matías Giunta, Jaime Gomez, Chavo Loncarich-Obras, Kamila Quezada, Lucrecia Beltran, Andrea Oyarzun, Francisco Ortiz & Nadia Pamela

Cerro Blanco in Santiago, a derelict ceremonial site for the indigenous Mapuche people. This workshop tried to question its current state by proposing a new public space as well as a ceremonial and cultural centre for the Mapuche as well as for the city dwellers.

A great importance is given by the Mapuche people to the natural forces surrounding them, and more specifically the sky and the land. By proposing an intervention that carves its space from within, we maintained a minimal exterior footprint and respected the existing exterior space. And at the same time such an intervention creates a spectacular space inside the mountain for the visitors to appreciate.

On a bigger scale, an analysis was made of the public spaces leading up to the Cerro from the city centre. Remarkably, street life had no trouble crossing the Mapocho river that heavily divides the city in two, but further north up Recoleta Street, a series of services such as hospitals and schools create a barrier that make it very hard to bring people to the ceremonial hill in an intuitive and natural way.

A series of possible places of intervention were determined, and an adequate programming was thought of to rehabilitate these potential spaces. By bringing in the Mapuche culture as shops, restaurants, cultural centres and art galleries, we invite the potential visitors and create a promenade all the way to the ceremonial centre without distracting from the main project.

The main intervention within the hill requiring a lot of white stone to be carved out, these new projects would reuse some of the material to echo the ceremonial centre and give a hint as to what the visitor can expect at the end of the promenade.