grou serra architecture

jan jan2 landscape work group
Porto Academy 2014

Instructor Jan de Vylder

7 days 1 week
7 prepared drawings
7 prepared photographs
7 unprepared photographs
7 contexts to be prepared
7 days
7 drawings
7 models
this (small) studio is about ***
seven (small) prepared drawings *
seven (small) prepared photographs **
seven (cmall) unprepared programs

a (small) bus stop
a (small) public toilet
a (small) electricity cabin
a (small) playground
a (small) speakers corner
a (small) newspaper shop
a (small) flower shop

seven (small) contexts to be prepared
seven day’s students will be working
one drawing a day one model a day
only paper; but in colour; but also: why not white
only tape; but in colour; and no glue; but also: why not pins
only pencil and pen; but coloured; why not watercolour
many other media at students choice

architecten de vylder vinck taillieu
Jan de Vylder